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About the 体育训练 3+2 Program

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The 体育训练 program at the 内布拉斯加大学 at Kearney is committed to offering students a wide variety of educational experiences while preparing them for an evolving field. Athletic training professionals are trained to manage the overall health care of interscholastic, 校际, professional and recreational athletes.

The 体育训练 3+2 Academic sequence comprises a 5-year undergraduate and graduate combined course sequence. 第四年, students will take undergraduate courses and 1styear 运动训练硕士 courses, which require them to complete the bachelor’s degree prior to the 2nd year 运动训练硕士. To be eligible to pursue such academic sequence, the following major/minor are recommended but not limited to:

体育训练 3+2 Academic sequence allows students to have great academic and hands-on clinical experience. This will provide the eligibility to challenge the Board of Certification (BOC) examination at the completion of the 运动训练硕士.

* The 体育训练 3+2 Academic sequence will NOT guarantee an acceptance to the 运动训练硕士 in the 4th year. All students will go through the 运动训练硕士 admission process to pursue the graduate degree.

The 体育训练 program is developed around the standards implemented by the Commission on 认证 of 体育训练 教育. 通过这个项目, students have the opportunity to gain practical field and clinical experiences within the 体育菠菜大平台 Athletic Department and at one of the many off-campus clinics and high school internship sites.

Samples of the 3+2 AT/Sports Medicine Academic Sequence


  • 传统的运动环境
  • Collegiate and high school sports
  • 专业运动队
  • 公司环境
  • Military and industrial settings

She chose 体育菠菜大平台 because of the “challenging and distinguished 体育训练 program.” She says that athletic training changed her life. “It particular challenged me to think on a different level which helped me to be successful in both grad school and in my career.” She liked the sense of community that the entire department had. While at 体育菠菜大平台 she had an internship at Kearney High School and New West Sports Medicine. “It was very helpful in helping me learn how quickly I would have to think on my feet when I got into the real world and my profession.”


Lexington High School, Lexington, NE

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The 运动训练硕士 Program at the 内布拉斯加大学 at Kearney is accredited by the Commission on 认证 of 体育训练 教育 (CAATE).


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